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What Makes a "Miracle League Field" So Special?

The Miracle League of Union County Field is specifically designed for individuals with physical and/or cognitive challenges. It is made with a rubberized surface that is wheelchair accessible. Bases and pitching mounds are painted on the surface so that there are no raised obstacles like on a typical baseball field. The “dugout” area is big enough to accommodate wheelchairs, and there are spectator seating areas behind home plate beside the players’ benches.

Where is The Miracle League of Union County Field Located?

The Miracle League of Union County field is located at Timken Sports Complex. The physical address 725 Rice Avenue Extension. Our field is the first one on the left when you enter the complex gate. The facility also features a fully accessible restroom and concession facilities.

Where Do I Park at the Miracle League Field?

There is plenty of parking at the complex and handicapped parking is available but limited.

Who Can Play in The Miracle League of Union County?

Boys and girls ages 3 and older who have physical and/or cognitive challenges are eligible to play in The Miracle League of Union County. We do our best to make the games adaptable for players with any ability. Our field is wheelchair accessible for those who have mobility issues. Currently, we host two 8-week seasons in the Spring and Fall.

Do I Have to Live in Union County to Play in the Miracle League of Union County?

Absolutely not! We would love to have you no matter where you live. If you can get to the Miracle League Field for our games, you are welcome to join the fun.

My Child has Never Played Baseball Before. Will He or She Be Able to Play in the League?

Any differently-abled individual who has the desire to play baseball is welcome. We adapt the game to each player’s ability. Athletes may bat using a tee or hit a coach pitched ball. Our volunteer “Buddies” are paired with players to give them as much or as little assistance as needed. In addition to the “Buddies,” we have field coaches and dugout coaches to assist each player as they get ready to bat. The safety of our players is our top priority, so our “Buddies” are instructed to do whatever is necessary in order to ensure each player’s well-being.

Does My Child Need Any Special Baseball Equipment or Uniform?

Each player will receive a team sponsored jersey and baseball cap. Baseball pants are optional. We ask that all participants wear tennis shoes on the Miracle League Field (baseball cleats are not permitted as they can damage the rubber surface of the field). Though it is not required, we suggest that each player has his or her own baseball glove with their name inscribed. The Miracle League provides bats and balls. All player-owned equipment should be labeled with the player’s name and not left at the field.

What are the Miracle League of Union County Games Like and When are they Played?

First and foremost, our games are non-competitive and always end up in a tie. Each game is two innings long and lasts about one hour or less. Every player gets to bat twice. Each player gets a hit and rounds the bases to score. Game schedules are posted and distributed prior to the start of the season. All games are played on Monday and Tuesday nights at 6:00 and 7:00.

When is the Miracle League Season?

The Miracle League of Union County offers two seasons, each lasting eight weeks. Spring season begins in mid-March and the fall season begins in early September.

How are the Miracle League of Union County Teams Formed?

Players can register online or in-person on designated days at our field or The Miracle League of Union County Office. Players may request to be on a team with a particular friend. Be sure to note this request on your registration where asked.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate in the Miracle League of Union?

Our registration fee is $40. This includes both seasons and the player will wear the same jersey and ball cap both seasons. Register Here

What Happens After I Register My Child for the Miracle League of Union County?

All players will be contacted by text, email or phone after registering. This is when they will be given information about the beginning of the season.

How Can I Volunteer?

There are many ways to become involved with Miracle League of Manasota. The easiest way is to become a Buddy for one of our players or a Coach for one of our teams. We also host other events during the year and we often need volunteers to assist with these events. Please note that Buddies need to be 15 years of age or older.

What are Buddies and How Do They Help?

Buddies are volunteers who assist our athletes during the games. Miracle League players have a wide range of abilities. Some need very little assistance during the game and may just require some encouragement, while others need assistance hitting, fielding, and moving around the bases. A Buddy’s number one priority is the safety of the players. Please check out our videos on the Buddy page. 

Does a Volunteer Buddy Have to be Available to Help Every Week of the Season?

We have buddy groups to sign up for a particular night so you will only be required to be there from 5:45 until about 8:00 on the night your buddy group leader has assigned you for.

How Do I Register to Become a Volunteer?

Register under coach registration on this website and make a note if you do not want to coach but help in some other capacity. 

Who Can Be a Miracle League Buddy?

Anyone who is 14 year of age or older and is able to keep the Miracle League player safe at all times may volunteer to become a Miracle League Buddy. Adults are welcome and appreciated.

I Have a Team or Group That Would Like to Be Buddies. Can We Volunteer as a Group?

Certainly! Volunteering together is a fantastic team building experience for any group. It is a perfect way for high school teams or other groups to give back to their community. All members of your group who want to be Buddies must be 14 years of age or older. For more information or to schedule your group see Buddy Registration information on this website. 

Do I Need to Know Much About Baseball in Order to Become a Buddy?

You do not need to know anything about baseball to be one of our Buddies, nor do you need any particular athletic skills. All you need is compassion, enthusiasm, and energy.

How Do I Register to Be a Volunteer? Can I Just Show Up on Game Day?

All volunteers must pre-register. Our volunteer registration form is available by emailing us. Volunteers are coaches, umpires and snack distributors. There is no pre-registration to be a Miracle League Volunteer Buddy. We will contact all Buddy Group Leaders several days ahead of their requested date to remind them of their commitment. All Buddies will sign in when they arrive at the field on their game day.

What Should I Expect on Game Day?

You will arrive at the field by 5:45 and gather with your group until you are called to home plate for a brief orientation. You will then be assigned to a player as they arrive for their game. You will stay with your player in the dugout and all during the game, making sure they are reunited with their parent or caregiver at the end of the game. After the first game you are asked to take a water and restroom break and meet back near the dugouts again to buddy the second game of the night.

Do I Need Any Baseball Equipment to be a Buddy?

You do not need to bring any baseball equipment but if you have a ball glove you are welcomed to bring it. Tennis shoes are required — no baseball cleats are allowed on the Miracle League Field.

What if We Cannot Attend One of Our Scheduled Games?

Please let your buddy coordinator know as soon as you see you will not be able to make your assigned game so they can find someone to replace you. If we do not have enough buddies show up on the night they committed to, we have to cancel our games which is a huge disappointment to the families we serve.

Can I Receive Credit for Community Service Hours?

Yes. We are happy to sign any forms so that you can receive credit for required community service hours. Just see one of The Miracle League of Union County Board Members at the game.

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